The Procedure

A vasectomy is a common procedure for men who are already parents or for those who have chosen not to have children, as having a vasectomy means you will not be able to father any more children.

The procedure is done as outpatient surgery and takes around 15-20 minutes using local anaesthetic. You will be free to go home and carry on with your life the same day you come in.

You will also need to continue to use protection for 8-12 weeks after the surgery because some sperm will remain in the vas deferens tubes after the operation but a vasectomy will not affect your sex drive, testosterone (male hormone) levels, or erections.

Weekly clinics are carried out by Mr Andrew Garnham and Mr Hans-Joerg Zief, both experienced surgeons with over 20 years in the NHS. Our clinics take place across the Midlands giving you the option of a vasectomy in Wolverhampton or a vasectomy in Shrewsbury.

Frequently asked questions

How effective is a Vasectomy? Does it hurt? How soon can I get back to work? Will it affect my sex drive?
We know you will have lots of questions for us, and we have the answers for you. Our FAQs page looks at a number of common queries but you can also get in touch with us to find out more about the procedure.
Our blog also shares advice and answers to common questions including information on the impact on your sex life and whether reversal is possible.

“After 5 years of running scared I finally took the plunge, and only wish I had 5 years ago. The surgeon was very calming and took good care of me. A week down the line and there is some mild discomfort but I’m on the mend. I’ve already recommended you to many friends. Brilliant service.”

Thomas Ryan
Father & Son

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